Our rich liturgical tradition includes the use of vestments, music, candles, bells, and incense. We invite you to visit us anytime to share this experience. St. Paul’s offers services Sundays and Wednesdays. Some services are simply sung by the choir and chanted by participants. All are beautiful in their own respect. Please read more about each regular service offered at St. Paul’s. In addition to these, we offer special services in accordance with the seasons of the Episcopal Church.


St. Paul’s seeks to be a vital and mature community of faith. We believe God is working in each of our lives, inviting us into relationship with the Divine and one another. We offer lifelong Christian education and spiritual formation by developing learning experiences that respond to the questions, challenges and needs that each person brings from their particular faith stage and circumstance in life. On Sunday mornings and throughout the week, we offer classes for adults, youth, children and special all-age learning opportunities.

Parish Life

St. Paul’s sees ourselves as an extended family, offering love, acceptance and hope to everyone—one person at a time. The parish life ministry wants to build strong relationships by getting people connected to others in the church, while also supporting our community. This ministry cares for the flock and creates activities for the enjoyment of fellowship with one another.

Pastoral Care

These inreach ministries “reach in” to our parish family offering support—physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Community Ministry

At St. Paul’s the goal of Community Ministry is to encourage each member to put their time and talents towards helping those outside our own walls. This strengthens not only the local and worldwide community but also deepens our own Christian growth. We support several projects and strive to facilitate each member’s own Community Ministry interests by offering to share willing hands and our building whenever possible. We call this “The Mission at Our Doorstep.”

Ministry and Facility Support

At St. Paul’s some ministries provide support to all the good things going on here, from building maintenance to livestreaming our services.

St. Paul’s welcomes all to live God’s mission, teach Christ’s love and transform our community by the power of the Holy Spirit.