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Children’s Ministry

Before Covid-19, St. Paul’s children’s ministry was operating under three main goals:

1. Teaching, encouraging and supporting kids relationship with God.
2. Integrate kids into all parts of St. Paul’s community and worship.
3. Give kids opportunities to serve and relate to our greater community.

We were successfully completing those goals by offering quality Sunday school classes, including “Godly Play” and many hands on learning lessons, called EXPLORE lessons, around the church. We were also introducing every youth into a role within our 10:30 service and had a wiggle rug within the service for young children.

Since Covid-19, our priorities and goals have shifted.
1. Teaching, encouraging and supporting kids’ relationship with God.
2. Use this time to teach kids about the liturgy of the Holy Eucharist.
3. Give kids the opportunity for weekly worship in a non-virtual format.
4. Help kids stay connected to the habit and normalcy of weekly worship.
5. Connect kids to their church and community.

We are working towards these goals by  welcoming and encouraging children during our services. There is a prayer rug up front for children ages 0-8. Activity bags are available for older children.


Meet Laurie Pierce

Children's Minister (Volunteer)

My name is Laurie. It rhymes with sorry. I have 3 crazy kiddos: Aleea (6), Hazel (4), and Lucas (2)! My husband is Adam, aka St. Paul’s assistant rector. Children’s ministry is a position I’ve always been interested in, way before Adam was in the picture! This is work I love to do and was made to do.

(910) 524-8116

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You may not know … I grew up Episcopalian and had a wonderful example of a children’s minister in my church. I started working in the church nursery at age 12 and served as an assistant camp counselor at the Episcopal camp in Alabama (Camp Beckwith) for many summers. During high school, my passion was being the main leader and coordinator in the Christian club on campus. 

I majored in religion and philosophy and minored in youth ministry during college. The plan then was to pursue becoming a youth minister. But I knew I needed to widen my perspective and life experience before ministering to kids, which is why I joined the Peace Corps.

I taught kids in China for two years, while organizing an orphanage volunteer team, book club, women’s group and cooking club. All of my professional work experience has been with children, elementary through high school age. I worked in schools teaching intervention groups and assisting autistic 7th graders.  I love kids, always have. I also love planning and organizing; hence why children’s ministry is perfect for me.

But above everything, being a part of a child’s life, teaching them about God, walking with them throughout the seasons, sharing our stories, learning how to pray and meditate together, this is why I am here. 

Thank you for having me.

St. Paul’s Kids:
“The Lord is Risen!”