Children and Youth

St. Paul’s Kids:
“The Lord is Risen!”

Sunday Mornings

Children meet  in the Children’s Wing (up the red stairs) for Christian education. Parents sign children in/out at drop off and pickup using the clipboard in their child’s classroom. You are welcome to retrieve your child from the nursery at the peace, before communion or after the service.

In the rare circumstance that you will be needed during the service, one nursery attendant will come get you or radio an usher to alert you. Your child will enjoy free play, a craft, story, song  and  a snack! 

Ages 0-6 only in the nursery please.
Ages 0-8 are also invited to join us during the service on the prayer-wiggle rug (front left side), all wiggles and noises welcome! Baby toys, coloring & books provided.
Ages 7-13 Can grab activity boxes to use in the pew at the back of the church.
Ages 8-13 can be nursery assistants, ushers, torch bearers and readers!  

Christian Formation

Children of the Good Shepherd (Sundays 9:30–10:15 a.m., ages 4-11 years) September–May. Children experience a Montessori-approach program that focuses on inner spiritual growth.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is based on several assumptions:

  • Children already have a relationship with God.
  • We assist the children by creating a “prepared environment,” but the growth is directed by the Spirit of God within the child.
  • Children need their own place to foster the growth of that relationship with God.
  • The children’s spiritual growth is best served through tangible but indirect means.

The Atrium is a special place and time to savor the Gospel words and images.  It’s a quiet place with special things.  Teachers model this quietness and centering through Biblical stories or images from liturgy.  The Atrium is a place of prayer, in which work and study spontaneously become meditation, contemplation and prayer. Then children interact on their own. Children’s quiet work is in effect their prayer.

There are two Atriums: Atrium 1 is for children ages 4–first grade. Atrium 2 is for children in second-sixth grades.

Want to Get Involved?

We are looking for people who enjoy working with children ages 4-11 years to teach, assist teach, prepare or donate materials for lessons.

Teachers and assistant teachers work on teams to rotate Sundays for either Atrium 1 (ages 4-7 years) or Atrium 2 (ages 8-11 years). There are two adults in each Atrium each week.

Resource People help as needed to prepare materials, donate materials or head a special event like our Alleluia and Easter egg hunt or assist  with the Christmas pageant.On-going training and planning in Children of the Good Shepherd is provided throughout the year. Volunteers will have a background check done and take an online church safety course.

Learn More:  Visit for  printed material and links to videos.  St. Paul’s is a member of this organization, so you can sign in by clicking on the green rectangle near the top right hand corner of the opening page.  User name is:  Password is spe16wilmington