Annual Pledge Giving

St. Paul’s Pledgers

Many thanks to those named below who have generously made a pledge to support St. Paul’s in 2022. We will update this list as pledges are received.

Aylesworth, Susannah & Owen
Anlyan, Bill & Elaine
Ashworth, Marie
Baldwin, Mary
Barr, Twink
Beardsworth, Randy & Betty Ann
Belaustegui, Robert & Sandra
Blalock, LeeAnn & Chip
Bobo, Don & Nancy
Bowers, William (Bill) & Susan
Brainard, Donald & Cheryl
Brunton, Robert & Margaret
Bucci, Barbara & Steve
Buck, Louise
Buss, Brian & Carmen
Calder, J. Keith
Callison, Cleve & Jenny
Cannon, Al & Tori
Cardwell, Danny & Carla
Carter, Chip & Susan
Cawthorne, Fr. John & Bonnie
Chiarello, Virginia
Clay, Edward
Clites, Mona
Collette, Linda
Connelly, Joyce
Crafts, Robert & Merrillie
Criscuolo, Jeanne Price
Day, Karen
Dees, Dewitt & Phillip Weiss
DeJarld, Karen
DeJarld, Valerie

, Demorest, Carolyn
Dennis, Bill & Cristy
Dillon, Gary & Janet
Donald, Jr. , Douglas Alan
Donat, Joy
Dorr, Alexandra & Ablard, Ed
DuBois, Mait & Jenny
Dupree, Layne
Eason, Ashley
Edwards, James
Erway, Tom & Dot
Farri, Judy & Joe
Field, Carol
Finn, Casey
Foster, Marshall
Fowle, David & Liz
Fowler, Harriet & Wayne
Frederiksen, David and Julie
Francis, Elaine
Gant, Herbert
Gates, Ruth
Gerow, Tom
Getz, Ruth
Giammaria, M.J.

Goonen, Denis
Graham, Lynn
Green, Charles & Angela
Halecki, Candace
Harkness, Kenny & Jane
Hartman, Lawrence
Haughey, Steve & Margaret
Heath, David
Hedgepeth, Royster & Kathryn
Hersey, Judy
Hickey, Luvette
Hickman, Frank
Hosick, Michael
Hughes, Jeffrey
Humphrey, Ginger & John Brobson
Hunsicker, Sara
Johnson, Stephanie
Jordan, Ruth & Jay
Kennedy, Andy & Missy

Lansdowne, Roxann
Langley, Matthew
LaSalle, Lucy
Lee, Caleb & Allen
Lewis, Melody
Martin, Julie & Steve
Mastrocola, Benjamin & Virginia
Matthews, Tom & Joyce
Matz-Kane, Diane
McElroy, Jack & Kathy
McKnight, Tom & Mary
Miller, Joan Rosko
Miller, Ron & Lynda
Morgan, Ron & Linda
Mulhollen, Larry & Sherry
O’Dell, Anne
O’Dell, Bryce
O’Rourke, Barbara
Padgett, Laura
Patrick, Ernest & Renee
Peers, Cecelia
Perhala, Patsy
Petry, William (Bill)
Poore, Sandy
Pope, Sara (Sally)
Powell, Catherine
Richards, Bill & Beth
Rowe, Dick & Shannon
Rubens, Jonathan
Sackrison, Jeffrey
Salinas, Aimee
Sanders-Parks, Elisabeth & Brian
Scherer, Dr. Patricia DuPuis
Schlosser, Stephanie
Searle, Eileen
Sheehan, John & Denise
Siberman, Midge (Martha)
Singer, Teresa & Michael
Smallwood, Cynthia

Smith, William & Karen
Sorrenti, Rick & Teresa
Sramek, Sue & Tom
Stansbury, Dianne
Stewart, Jay & Jeanne
Stroud, Rhonda
Sullivan, Lyle
Summey, Jim & JoAnn
Swindell, Bob & Kay
Thomas, Meaghan
Tillery, Leon
Toth, Wade
Tounsley, Zona
Tousignant, David
Trivett, Jan & Tom
Truax, Louise & Scotty
Van Amberg, Brad & Beth
Vick, Jan
Vlahos, Sib
Wade, Cheryl
Wagoner, Cheryl
Wallace, Diana
Waterfield, Bill & Paula
Weig, Spencer & Ellen
West, Jerry
West, Lillian
Whitesides, Martha & Tucker
Wilson, Judy
Wise, Ronnie
Wolf, Marcia & Frank
Wright, Larry & Merry Ann


 Stewardship Update

Dec. 31, 2021
Dear St. Paul’s Family,

Our Annual Pledge Campaign has been devoted to the theme Transforming Generosity. Everywhere you look at St. Paul’s you will find people giving generously of their time, talent, and treasure.  Last year, some 40 of us, including our children, packaged 10,000 meals for Rise Against Hunger. Another group of dedicated disciples donated their time and talent to the Habitat for Humanity build. And don’t forget the legion of volunteers who share their special gifts every day to keep this community alive and thriving.

Stewardship is truly a year-round ministry, inspired by our love of God and our love of our neighbor.  The annual pledge campaign is a big part of it, and we are grateful for your generous response. We are happy to report that as of Dec. 31, 139 donors pledged $484,728.

With this strong start, we are optimistic that, with God’s help, we will have the necessary funds for the work that God is calling us to do. We look forward to supporting the beginnings of Fr. Caleb’s vision as outlined in his letter last week:  develop a creative approach to funding additional clergy and program staff to support our growing congregation in the areas of liturgy and music, pastoral care, community engagement, and Christian formation; attract and retain children, youth, and families; provide additional assistance in the areas of communications and livestreaming; and support the continued maintenance and enhancement of our campus.

Sunday, Nov. 7, 2021 the Feast of All Saints, marked the end of our formal pledge campaign. To everyone who has already pledged, we thank you. For those who have not yet pledged, we invite you to complete your pledge form or print a new copy using the link below, or even simpler,  there is a link to submit your 2022 annual pledge form online.

As we consider how God’s abundant generosity has transformed our lives, and how, through us, God’s abundant generosity will transform our communities and our world, let us remember some of the words from our October stewardship speakers:

  • Maria, who had lost everything in the 1998 Honduras hurricane, shared her last five eggs with strangers, giving from her heart. – Layne Dupree
  • Quoting Royster Hedgepeth, “I don’t want you to give until it hurts, I want you to give until it feels good.” – Chip Carter
  • Don’t look into your full refrigerator and say there is nothing to eat. It is good to be blessed, but it is better to be a blessing. – Leon Tillery
  • I have learned that when I obey the Lord and put my treasure where He calls me to, my heart follows. – Lisa Sanders-Park

In gratitude,
Your Stewardship Team

Here’s what the people of our parish have to say about what the the power of “transforming generosity” at St. Paul’s means to them.

Stewardship Team

Karen Day

Tom Gerow

Rev. Caleb Lee

Steve Martin

Anne O’Dell

Jack McElroy

Teresa Singer

Rhonda Stroud

Spencer Weig

Merry Ann Wright

Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. (2 Corinthians 9:7)

Give until you are completely happy!

Transformational Stewardship

During October, parishioners spoke during worship each Sunday about what stewardship meant to them. Click on the photos to watch what they had to say.

Layne Dupree
Oct. 10

Chip Carter
Oct. 17

Leon Tillery
Oct. 24

Elisabeth Sanders-Park
Oct. 31