Community of Hope International

Community of Hope International

Community of Hope International is a Christian community united in prayer, shaped by Benedictine Spirituality and equipped for service in pastoral care ministries.

Are you interested in being a better listener? Are you feeling drawn to live into a more intentional spiritually? Then you might find COHI training and community meaningful.

The initial COHI training offers a semester-long course including sessions on boundaries, meditation, etc.

Upon completing the training and commissioning there are monthly “Circle of Care” gatherings that bring a wide range of speakers to build the skills of the members. These gatherings also offer an opportunity for fellowship and community building.

If you have attended Community of Hope Int’l (COHI) training somewhere else or would like more information please contact the Rev.  Michael Singer, associate for pastoral care at 

Visit the COHI website, to learn more.

St. Paul’s is combining training with St. James Parish. Locations for this ministry rotate according to a schedule. Most sessions are on Tuesday evenings from September–early November. 


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