Pastoral Care Ministries

Members of these ministries bring God’s love to parish members, reflecting the many caring connections in our parish community.

An Invitation to Serve

If you like the joy of giving and receiving, please join the ministry, Serve One Another. Serve in one of two ways, or both.

  1. Prepare meals or casseroles to be stored in the church freezer for folks who may need a little help.
  2. Respond to the need of an ill or house-bound parishioner, sleep-deprived new parents or elder caregiver by being part of a network of meal preparers and deliverers.

This is an invitation for you to grow deeper in your spiritual development by spreading the love of Jesus through deliberate acts of service. Bring a little joy into the life of someone, and when the need arises, graciously accept the meal, knowing you are a beloved member of St. Paul’s family. To participate, please complete the form below.

Other Ways to Help
  • Visit people unable to attend church.
  • Bring the Eucharist to shut-ins. Training to become a eucharistic minister is provided.
  • Call parishioners in time of need.
  • Send cards to offer comfort in times of distress and grief. To Get Involved, Contact: Dot Erway
  • Knit shawls to provide comfort and support.
  • Provide comfort during end of life and assist in memorial services.

If we can care for you, or if you feel called to join in the Ministry of Pastoral Care, please contact Joan Rosko Miller or the church office.

The Source

The Source has many items available that would make great gifts for oneself or friends and family!

The Source is closed due to Covid-19. Shop St. Paul’s The Source Gift Shop online catalog here.

Store hours are 12-1 p.m. on Sundays. The Source is located in the hall between the Nave and the Parish Hall. All proceeds benefit special projects at St. Paul’s, such as the newly decorated library.  Come by and check us out!

Buildings & Grounds Ministries

Gentlemen of Noble Poverty

gather 8:30 a.m.–Noon on Thursdays in the Parish Hall, enjoying fellowship and working together to perform the invaluable renovations, painting, repairs, and general upkeep that our beautiful old building requires.
Contact Tom Sramek to get involved!

The Gentlemen of Noble Poverty Renewal Fund has been established to give each of us a chance to help GNP with their efforts.  You might choose to adopt a particular project.  For example, one anonymous donor made a year-end gift to seal and line the parking lot.  Or you might make a gift to the GNP Renewal Fund that will be put to good use in supporting GNP’s three-year facilities renewal plan.

To contribute, call Royster Hedgepeth, GNP Renewal Fund Coordinator, (413) 219-6738.

Please join us in this important work. Thank you!

St. Fiacre Garden Guild

St. Paul’s gardeners in the St. Fiacre Garden Guild gather throughout the year to beautify our grounds as we rejoice in the mysteries of the natural world. Join us as we add colorful new plants to the gardens, clear out brush, prune and weed. Our work days are announced in the church newsletter, bulletin and website home page. 
To Get Involved, Contact: Patt Scherer

Communications & Technology Ministry

This ministry helps in the sharing of the mission, activities and events of St. Paul’s with the community and parish via online, print and verbal messaging including the service bulletins, the E-News, local news media and social media. Other activities involve maintaining the website, social platforms, videography, event recording and photography, authoring content and keeping the church’s computing and A/V technology up to date and running smoothly.

So if you have a passion for, or just like writing, photography, graphic design, marketing or technology, please consider volunteering to help with St. Paul’s E-News, the website, social media, audio/video or computing support.

To Get Involved, Contact  Bob Crafts  or Julie Martin