St. Paul’s Pledgers

Many thanks to those named below who have generously made a pledge to support St. Paul’s in 2023. We will update this list as pledges are received. As of Dec. 6, we have received 126 pledges totaling $506,913!

Ablard, Ed & Alix Dorr
Anderson-Kincaid, Carrie
Anlyan, Bill & Elaine
Ashworth, Marie
Austin, Jake & Amber
Aylesworth, Owen & Susannah
Banks, Rev. Richard & Barbara
Bobo, Don & Nancy
Bowers, Dr. Bill & Susan
Breny, Judith
Brunton, Tom & Margaret
Bucci, Stephen & Barbara
Buss, Brian & Carmen
Callison, Cleve & Jenny
Cannon, Al & Tori
Carter, Chip & Susan
Chiarello, Virginia
Clites, Mona
Collette, Linda
Connelly, Joyce
Crafts, Bob & Merrilie
Criscuolo, Jeanne Price
Day, Karen
DeJarld, Karen/Ken Harrelson
DeJarld, Valerie
Demorest, Carolyn
Dennis, William & Cristy
Dillon, Gary & Janet
Donald, Douglas A.
Donat, Joy
DuBois, Mait & Jenny
Dupree, Layne
Eason, Ashley
Edwards, Jim
Erway, Tom & Dot
Field, Carol
Finn, Casey
Fisher, Jerry & Sally
Flinn, Mike & Mary
Fonda, John & Mitzi
Foster, Marshall
Frederiksen, David & Julie
Fruechtenicht Charitable Trust

Galganowicz, Scotty & Truax, Louise
Gant, Herbert
Gates, Ruth
Gerow, Tom
Getz, Ruth
Graham, Lynn
Halecki, Candace
Hartman, Larry & Deborah
Haughey, Margaret
Haughey, Steven
Hedgepeth, Royster & Kathryn
Hickey, Luvette
Hickman, Frank
Humphrey, Ginger/Brobson, John
Hunsicker, Sara
Jones, Maryelle & Barry
Jordan, Jay & Ruth
Kennedy, Andrew & Missy
Knepper, Greg
Lee, Rev. Caleb & Allen
Lewis, Melody
Martin, Steve & Julie
Mastrocola, Ben & Virginia
Matthews, Tom & Joyce
Matz-Kane, Diane & Patrick
McElroy, Jack & Kathleen
Merritt, Margie
Miller, Joan Rosko
Miller, Ron & Lynda
Moore, Lois
Morgan, Ron & Linda
Norman, Jim & JoAnn
O’Dell, Anne Babcock
O’Rourke, Barbara & Richard
Patrick, Ernest & Renee
Peers, Thomas & Cecelia
Perhala, Patsy
Petry, William
Poore, Sandy
Pope, Sally
Powell, Rev. Catherine
Richards, Beth & Bill

Rivenbark, Em
Rowe, Dick & Shannon
Rubens, Jonathan
Sackrison, Jeffrey
Sammons, David & Becky
Sanders-Park, Brian & Lisa
Scherer, Patt
Schlosser, Stephanie
Sheehan, Rev. John & Denise
Silberman, Martha (Midge)
Singer, Rev. Michael & Teresa
Smallwood, Cynthia & Randolph
Smith, Bill & Karen
Sorrenti, Rick & Teresa
Sramek, Suzanne & Thomas
Stansbury, Dianne
Stroud, Rhonda
Sullivan, Lyle
Summey, Jim & JoAnn
Swindell, Rev. Deacon Kay & Bob
Thomas, Meaghan
Tillery, Leon
Toth, Wade
Tounsley, Zona
Tousignant, David
Trivett, Jan & Tom
VanAmberg, Beth & Brad
Vlahos, Sib
Wade, Cheryle
Wagoner, Cheryl
Wallace, Diana
Wallace, Robert & Deborah
Waterfield, Bill & Paula
Weig, Spencer & Ellen
Weiss, Phillip & Dees, Dewitt
West, Jerry
West, Lillian
Wilson, Judy
Wise, Ronnie
Wolf, Franklin & Marcia
Wright, Larry & Merry Ann

Rector's Annual Appeal Letter

Beloved of St. Paul’s,
Shining our Light is an appropriate theme for this year’s Stewardship Campaign because it focuses us outward.


In January, I laid out a vision for St. Paul’s: Building up the People of God. On a solid foundation. With a better campus. This vision is an essential and significant starting point for us; it calls us to focus on what is important for our future. A proper ordering of the household is critical for any community, especially ours, because when our house is in order, we create and provide new opportunities to serve our neighbor.


Archbishop William Temple was known to say that “The Church is the only institution that exists primarily for the benefit of those who are not its members.”


Why do we work to build up the people of God?  So that they might see the light within themselves and shine it out into the world. Why do we build on the solid foundation of worship and music?  Because worship is the first commandment.  Worshiping God in the beauty of holiness and receiving the word and sacrament changes us and calls us into a deeper life of service.  Building a better campus allows us to do everything better. It allows us to be more hospitable to our neighborhood and the greater Wilmington area.  It allows us to be that city on the hill that cannot be hid.


Your generosity and faithfulness allow for so much to happen at St. Paul’s.  With your annual pledge we are able to pay our hardworking clergy and staff.  We are able to fund the music program that serves as a light to us at St. Paul’s but also to the larger community. We are able to provide new programs for Christian formation of all ages and hands-on outreach opportunities.  Of course, some of your pledge goes toward keeping the lights on and regular building maintenance.  None of it is spent in vain. It all has a purpose, and we need every bit of it every year to continue shining our light.


A pledge card is included with the letter sent to parishioners’ homes. You may also make your pledge online, here. How are we praying about our pledge this year? Are we stretching ourselves appropriately and keeping up with the world around us? As everything costs more, what is our commitment to the work of the church, that institution that exists for those who are not yet its members?  Together, how might we shine our light?


Thank you for your faithfulness!

Stewardship Moments

During each week’s 10:30 a.m. worship service in October, a member of our parish shared what stewardship meant to them.  Please find the recordings and text of these presentations below.

Oct. 10: Rector’s (Senior) Warden Bill Anlyan (Video) (Text)
Oct. 16: Anne O’Dell (Video) (Text)
Oct. 23: Spencer Weig (Video) (Text)
Oct. 30: Julie and Evie Frederiksen (Video) (Text)

Make Pledge HereRise Against Hunger: Shining Our Light

News & Information

Organ Update

Organ Update

Last Saturday afternoon, the main pipe organ stopped working. After further investigation, we...

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Planned Giving

Planned Giving

Thank you for considering a gift to St. Paul's. A gift to St. Paul's, given through an estate...

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St. Paul’s Life Slideshow

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  • Bible Sunday for Episcopal Youth Community
  • Education for Ministry Graduation
  • Rise Against Hunger Meal Packing Event
  • Blessing of the Costumes
  • Saints in the Street photo booth

Clergy Corner



Wait. Christmas is coming.  It is not yet here. I vowed long ago not to be a member of the Advent...

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Member Spotlight

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Prayer List

In our Parish
Earl Craig
Fr. John Cawthorne
Judy Farri
Joe Farri
Alice Calder
Merry Ann Wright
Larry Wright
Tom Freeling
Karen DeJarld
Norman LaSalle
Karen Smith
Tammy Pollock
Dale Curran
JoAnn Summey
Barbara O’Rourke
Katherine Ramsey
Diane Trubia
Susan Carter
Barbara Bucci
Elaine Francis
Linda Morgan
Lynda Miller
Family and Friends
Tracy Calhoun Sorrenti
Tammy Tilghman
Richard O’Rourke
Major Jennifer Jantzi
James Graham
Stacy Neal
Bryce Harrelson
Michael Justice
Gina Lewis
Carol Findlay
Gracie Sage
Sherry Herman
Greyson Chapman
Kathy Keagy
Tom Gonzalez
Barbara Holland
Carroll Joines
Thomas Ramey Watson
Tonya Justice
Rick Taylor
Joe Cerquiera
Lynne Vanstory
Dr. Everette Cameron
Lena & Ryan
Shirley Joseph
Patricia Noble
Susan Richards Frederick
Sandy Veale
Dennis Traina
Kristen Keen
Rebecca Eagen
Mary Barto
Lindsay Peterson
Susan Petry
Melodee Fraser
Alex Apostolou
Rosalie Fonda
Ellie Gibson


December 4, 2022

The Second Sunday of Advent

Isaiah 11:1-10
Romans 15:4-13
Matthew 3:1-12
Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19



What’s Happening in the Diocese and National Church

Parish Documents

      Financial Report

St. Paul’s Operating Fund for 2022*
St. Paul’s Financial Plan provides resources to carry out the church’s ministries, including: Christian Formation, Community Ministries, Pastoral Care Ministry, Parish Life, Facility Support and Worship & Music.

2022 BUDGET ACTUAL % of Budget
APPROVED 10/31/2022
TOTAL INCOME $682,646 $526,244 77%
TOTAL EXPENSE ($682,646)  ($517,678) 76%
INCOME less EXPENSE                   $0   $     8,566

*For further detail, go here.

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