Ormond Center

The Ormond Center is located at 1624 Princess St. (the corner of 17th and Princess). The building provides meeting space for St. Paul’s youth and affordable rental office space for diverse community groups. Go here to view a calendar of Ormond Center events.

Organizations with offices at the Ormond Center include:

  • Aging In Place. An agency serving senior citizens and those who want to look ahead and prepare for their retirement and aging needs.
  • Frank Harr Foundation . An agency providing education, counseling and support for LGBTQ persons and for parents of young people struggling with sexual identity issues.
  • Seeds of Healing. An agency providing support and education to people newly diagnosed with HIV who are committed to handling the disease and coping with the changes in regimens that promote health.  The main focus group is composed of African American women who compose the largest percentage of new infections in the southeast.
  • Support the Port. An agency that provides assistance to people who are coping with tragedies and lack the resources and/or knowledge of available assistance programs.
Contact Jan Vick for more information.