Why a ‘Church Wedding’ at St. Paul’s?

Certainly, the beauty and solemnity of St. Paul’s worship space makes a splendid setting for couples to exchange their marriage vows and receive the blessing of the Church. St. Paul’s is renowned for its soaring neo-Gothic interior, liturgy, and ceremonies—including those associated with weddings—and music of the highest caliber.

But there’s much more, and it’s more important.

The Episcopal Church regards marriage as a sacramental rite in which two persons are joined in a life-long union with the blessing of God. Their wedding ceremony is a formal act of Christian worship in which they vow to help and comfort each other for the rest of their lives through good and troubled times; to be faithful to one another; and to ask God and their friends to support them.

Planning that wedding requires focusing on both the great and minute details. Those who wish to explore what St. Paul’s offers in the way of beauty and comforts, and how it can support them in their planning for a wedding, should start with a phone call to the church office at (910) 762-4578 or email to obtain a copy of St. Paul’s “Wedding Handbook.”

A meeting with St. Paul’s Wedding Coordinator, Layne Dupree, will follow. Layne will discuss expectations and explore some of the requirements of the church (including that at least one of the couple be a baptized Christian and that the rector of St. Paul’s gives permission for the couple to be married in the church). All the detailed information is found in the handbook.

It’s important that couples make no wedding arrangements until they have met with the wedding coordinator.

St. Paul’s welcomes your interest in exploring the church as a source of blessing and support in arranging holy matrimony.

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To obtain a copy of St. Paul’s “Wedding Handbook,” please contact the church office.

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