Our Leadership

St. Paul’s clergy, staff and vestry comprise our leadership. An organizational chart that shows our internal structure, is here.

Search for Our Next Rector

With Fr. Ray and Fr. Adam as our priests and with the Holy Spirit guiding us, St. Paul’s is undertaking the search for our next rector. Diocesan staff, instrumental in making the initial connection between Fr. Ray and St. Paul’s, will continue to provide support during the next phase of our faith journey.

Collect for Our Next Rector

Heavenly Father, source of all knowledge, you know the needs of your church in every place. Look graciously upon the people of St. Paul’s and grant our search committee and Vestry the wisdom and discernment to call, with open hearts and minds, a faithful pastor who will feed us, your flock, and equip us for our ministries.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

The Rev. Raymond John Hanna

Interim Rector

The Rev. Raymond John Hanna has accepted our call to be St. Paul’s interim rector. Fr. Hanna, or Ray as he prefers to be called, was rector of St. Stephen’s in Goldsboro and previously served as rector for 12 years at Trinity Church in Mt. Airy. He brings with him nearly 30 years of experience as a priest. When St. Paul’s Vestry met with him, it was clear to all that he would be a tremendous asset to St. Paul’s at this stage in our transition. 

This is a time for thanksgiving as we extend to Ray a warm welcome.

The Rev. Adam Pierce

Assistant Rector

The Rev. Adam Pierce serves St. Paul’s as assistant rector.  A priority focus area for him is outreach and community engagement. Adam also works within the parish on helping people with discipleship. “Discipleship is easier for people to understand than ‘ministry.’ It’s what they are doing in life as an extension of their faith,” he explains. “I’m eager to meet people where they are and learn what gives them meaning.”
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Adam grew up in Pennsylvania but found his way to Florida where he attended Flagler College in St. Augustine. At Flagler he studied philosophy and religion. At that time, “I would have said that I was not interested in becoming a priest, I was not even interested in church at that point in my life,” he says. “I knew, however, that I found theology and scriptural interpretation engaging; I thought perhaps I would teach one day.” His then-girlfriend, now wife, Laurie, introduced him to the Episcopal Church and it was there that he found the connection between spirituality, faith and critical thinking.

Adam and Laurie were married while still in college. A year after they graduated they joined the Peace Corps where they served in China for two years teaching English as a foreign language to university students. Laurie, who is a gifted teacher, connected with her students deeply in the classroom. Adam says he connected more with my students playing basketball and teaching them how to cook Western food. While Adam and Laurie did not attend church while there, Adam felt that the time was deeply formational for him. “I realized that we are created for relationships and in relationships we learn more about ourselves and the gifts we have. My students taught me and I helped them to see strengths and gifts they didn’t know they had; I believe this to be a staple of the Christian life and fundamental to what it is to being a priest,” he says.
After the Peace Corps Adam pursued his call to ordained ministry through Church of the Servant in Wilmington, as well as his time working as a Campus Minister at UNCW working for the diocese. He used many of the lessons he learned in China in his ministry there. He continued to learn and be formed while at Virginia Theological Seminary. He was ordained on Dec. 22, 2018 at St. Paul’s.

Laurie and Adam now have two beautiful daughters, Aleea and Hazel, and son Lucas.

The Rev. Richard Banks

Priest Associate

“To be a fellow sojourner in a community of faith,” is how the Rev. Richard Banks, priest associate, defines the purpose of his ministry. “Most people regard priests as ‘finished products’ but we clergy know that we continue to grow in knowledge and faith through the weekly cycle of prayer, preparation for worship including preaching, and translating faith into works as we seek to minister to those in need.”
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A native of northeast Ohio and later raised in Virginia, Fr. Richard spent 20 years in inner-city ministry as a lay person in the Dioceses of North Carolina and Maryland. Married for over 30 years to Barbara Ellington-Banks, her career as a Foreign Service Officer took them abroad to Belize, Jamaica and Guatemala. As a priest for over 20 years, he has served parishes in Guatemala City, northern Virginia, New Orleans, and most recently Mexico before moving to Wilmington. He is fluent in Spanish.

Fr. Richard studied at Virginia Commonwealth University and the National Institute for Lay Training, and holds degrees from the University of the West Indies and the United Theological College of the West Indies. He spent two summers in the Doctor of Ministry program at The Virginia Seminary.

His son Colin lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife Jill. Daughter Alison lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with husband Adam and their two small children. Both of his parents and three siblings live in Richmond, Virginia, with their families.

Clergy Corner

Building on the past…Believing in the future…

Building on the past…Believing in the future…

  Dear St. Paul’s Family, Since St. Paul’s founding, our members have offered their hearts and hands in love to build the church we know today.  It is on this foundation that we are being called to vision the future of St. Paul’s and shape the church Christ longs...

From the Interim Rector

From the Interim Rector

When the prolific theologian, Karl Barth, was asked to sum up his work into a single sentence, he replied, “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” As Christians, we believe that God said what God needed to say in one word—the Word made flesh, Jesus....

Expanding Our Food Ministries

Expanding Our Food Ministries

The Blessing Box is here!  Thank you to Bill and Mary Farris for creating this and Ed Ablard for helping to install it.  Thank you to our Community Ministry team of Don Brainard, Pat Baker, Joe Farri, Merrilie Crafts, and Steve Bucci for shepherding this project...

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