Give Now

One way to define stewardship is “everything we do after we say we believe.” There are many ways to financially support the church, through either annual giving or special gifts. We would be delighted to discuss ways to tailor your giving interests to the needs of our church. Contact Stewardship Chair Royster Hedgepeth

How to Give

Your donations are put to good use to fund the various ministries of St. Paul’s as we seek to fulfill our mission to know Christ and to make Christ known.

Are you tired of writing that check to St. Paul’s every week or month to make your pledge payment?


  • Online giving.
    Use this page to make secure donations via by simply clicking on the “Give Now” button:

  • Use a credit card and get some points, miles or cash back!
  • Set up an automatic payment, and let your bank do the work! Most banks have the capability to send a specific amount at a specific frequency to pay bills that do not change. This is a great way to insure that important payments are made without having to worry about doing them yourself.
  • Stocks and Bonds or bonds from any publicly traded organization gathering dust somewhere can be transferred to St. Paul’s investment account as payment for your pledge or as a donation or gift. This is a great way to take advantage of stocks or bonds that have appreciated, since you will receive acknowledgment of/credit for the transfer at the value determined as of the day the transfer was completed.
  • IRA Charitable Rollover
    If you are 70 1/2 or older, you can make a contribution to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church directly from your IRA simply by instructing your plan administrator to make the transfer directly to St. Paul’s.  Individuals are allowed to transfer up to $100,000 a year to the charities of their choice.
    Your gift will be transferred directly to St. Paul’s, will not be reported as taxable income and will count toward your minimal distribution requirements.


    Most important, your generous support will help sustain and empower St. Paul’s worship and ministry.

    Required Minimum Distributions must be made by Dec. 31 each year in order to exclude that amount from taxable income.
    In addition, St. Paul’s financial year closes on Dec. 31, 2019.  Any pledge payments or contributions received after this date will be recorded in the following year.

    To learn more about making a donation from your IRA or to obtain information regarding the current status of your pledge commitment, please contact Judy Wilson:

  • Planned Giving 
    Each member of St. Paul’s has his or her own reason for supporting the organizations and ministries that they cherish. This Planned Giving booklet gives you a basic understanding and describes the different ways of giving through immediate, deferred or life income gifts. For more information about how to support St. Paul’s through planned giving, contact Judy Wilson at

If you have questions about any of these options, or need help in setting one up, please contact Judy Wilson at or Diane Matz-Kane at