Rector Search

April 15, 2021

Dear People of St. Paul’s:

The search for a new rector is moving along well. 

We’d like to share where we are in the process. After an intensive and extensive first-round interview phase, our committee has invited three candidates and their spouses to Wilmington for separate multi-day, in-person interview experiences. We are very confident that one of these people will prove to be the right pastor to lead us into whatever joyful future God may have in store for us.

The final candidate visit will take place in early May, after which time the committee will confer and then make a recommendation to the Vestry, whose responsibility it is to call our new rector.

We appreciate your prayers and other support, as well as your patience during this process. We also are incredibly grateful for the leadership and spiritual sustenance provided by Adam and Ray during a challenging year-plus. 

Thank you!
Jenny Callison, on behalf of the St. Paul’s Search Committee

Rector Search Committee

Bill Baker
Don Brainard
Jenny Callison, Chair

Joyce Connelly
Cecelia Peers
Teresa Singer
Rhonda Stroud
David Tousignant
Tom Trivett

Collect for Our Next Rector

Heavenly Father, source of all knowledge, you know the needs of your church in every place. Look graciously upon the people of St. Paul’s and grant our search committee and Vestry the wisdom and discernment to call, with open hearts and minds, a faithful pastor who will feed us, your flock, and equip us for our ministries.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Search Timeline


  • Search committee notifies parish that first round of interviews is completed and candidates will visit Wilmington. (April 15)
  • Following the visits, the committee will recommend a candidate to the Vestry.
  • The Vestry will then call our new rector.


  • Search committee provides parish update (Jan. 5)
  • Search committee notifies parish that application period has closed (Feb. 24)


  • Vestry calls Interim Rector the Rev. Ray Hanna
  • Search Committee forms
  • Questionnaires to congregation distributed and data collected
  • Focus groups with all interested parishioners held and data collected
  • Search committee provides parish update (Oct. 27)
  • Search committee compiles a parish profile and  a summary of parish survey 

    The Rev. Dena Whalen resigns and congregation bids her farewell.