Ellen and Spencer Weig

Apr 28, 2022 | Members Corner

Hello, St. Paul’s family!

We’re Ellen and Spencer Weig. We’ve been members of St. Paul’s since moving here from Hillsborough, NC, 7 years ago. We’ve actually been attending services at St. Paul’s off and on since 2010, so I guess we’re almost “old-timers.” We have two sons and between them 5 grandkids and 4 grand-dogs, living way up north in frigid MA and MN.

Raise an Episcopalian, Ellen has always considered the ministries of the Church an integral part of her activities and commitment. Church life before St. Paul’s involved wonderful parishes in different states with involvement in diverse and busy ministries. Ellen retired from working with hospitalized children & families when we moved to NC from upstate NY and began to research Episcopal NC churchwomen as part of a project in Hillsborough. As soon as we moved to Wilmington, Ellen was asked to establish the archives for St. Paul’s to preserve the historic documents and church records used by the previous parish historian. It’s been a privilege to create that repository and to continue to research the story of St. Paul’s as a parish family in Wilmington.

Spencer came from a Roman Catholic background but has been a member of the Episcopal Church now since 1978. After retiring from his pediatric neurology practice at Chapel Hill and NHRMC, he’s found more than enough to keep busy here at St. Paul’s. After a year as Junior Warden, two years as Senior Warden, and 2 years on the Stewardship Team, he’s retired a second time. He’s now a member of the Endowment Board, but what really moves his heart is being part of the Thursday morning crew of “Gentlemen of Noble Poverty” and serving as a lector and altar server.

With so many new people at St. Paul’s in recent months, please say “Hi” when you see us around! We’d love to share move about this wonderful church family and to hear your story.