Worship under Quarantine

Mar 27, 2020 | As Grain Once Scattered

For those that have found their way to this page: Welcome! One thing that I have found deeply meaningful during this time has been writing. I’ve always enjoyed writing but somehow it ceased to be a part of my spiritual discipline, can I blame my 3 children? One great gift from this time of social distancing as well as my recovery from illness has been time which has renewed my focus on the things that give me energy and nourishment. I’ve realized that in this time there are indeed losses, but there is also opportunity for all of us as the Church. What will follow over the next few weeks at least will be reflections on Holy Week at home. These I hope will embolden and encourage us to live deeper into our baptismal identities, providing focus on what feeds us. It is my deep prayer that all of us over this time will grow deeper into our own spiritual practices as well as finding opportunities for new ones; discovering anew our baptismal call to follow Jesus and be formed in him. These posts will include what I hope are pastorally sensitive reflections on our shared life together despite the distance now between us. I will be offering reflections on everything from life without Eucharist, to my experiences of Holy Week at home, to my own joys and frustrations with life right now. I will also in the coming days offer resources for setting up sacred spaces in our homes where we can pray and walk through Holy Week. I look forward to the time we can again worship together, but in the meantime enjoy a laugh and perhaps adopt this as your spiritual motto for the days and weeks ahead.