Welcome Father Lee and Family

Jul 7, 2021 | Clergy Corner

Dear St. Paul’s family,

I’ve never been one for keeping a calendar.  The year prior to our daughter Rachel’s wedding, she purchased a lovely Lilly Pulitzer calendar for me to make entries for the upcoming meetings with the florist, showers, and the like.  Of course, I immediately went to May 20 and specially marked it as Rachel and Michael’s wedding day.  In true form, with the other events and appointments, I would sometimes call her after attending and ask jokingly if that was something I should have added to my calendar. 

So, when I tell you that I recently downloaded a blank August Calendar, you should know it’s a pretty big deal.  In fact,  the pretty big deal that I specifically downloaded this calendar for, is a special day for all of us.  I can’t purchase everyone a fancy calendar, but I do suggest that all of you, calendar keepers or not, get yourself a calendar.  Find August 1, 2021, and mark yours, as I have mine- Welcome Fr. Lee and his family to St. Paul’s!  Thanks be to God!  I am literally counting down the days in anticipation.

Fr. Lee and his family will be moving into their new home mid-July.  If you would like to help with meals during those first couple of weeks, use this link https://mealtrain.com/o1no34.  To be perfectly honest, you may see Fr. Lee around St. Paul’s prior to August 1, as he sets up his office and begins to “focus on St. Paul’s.”  Let’s just keep in mind that Fr. Lee is not employed by St. Paul’s until August 1.  To paraphrase a former president, ‘Ask not what your new rector can do for you, but ask what you can do for your new rector.’

On August 1, Fr. Lee will have an opportunity to get to know the early risers with coffee and donuts in the parish hall following the 8 am Holy Eucharist.  After the 10:30 Eucharist, a reception will be served in the parish hall to welcome Fr. Lee and his family.  The food and drinks will be served following our bishop’s latest guidelines.  Please mask up if you have not been vaccinated.

If you would like to “show the love” to the Lee’s, a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants would be appreciated.  They like Chipotle, Jersey Mikes’ Chick-fil-A, Antonio’s, A Taste of Italy, and Indochine.  No doubt, with them moving into their new home, they will be making lots of trips to Harris Teeter, Walmart, Target, Lowe’s and Home Depot.  Baskets will be available at the coffee hour and reception for collection of cards.

Mark your calendars!  Feel the anticipation!  Show the love! 

Teresa B. Singer

Senior Warden