The Road Ahead

Aug 13, 2020 | Clergy Corner

We devoted our Vestry meeting last Monday night to working on St. Paul’s Strategic Plan. It is an exciting and ambitious plan. In many ways, its foci are self evident and interconnected. The plan is not just some good ideas we ought to try, it addresses urgent needs, and gives us a vision for the future viability and success of St. Paul’s and its life transforming mission and ministry. Here is the plan in a nutshell. Strategy #1 – Facilities. Due to life threatening safety issues and ADA compliance violations, we need a plan to fix them. Strategy #2 -Financial Stewardship. In order to support and grow our ministries, and balance the budget, we need a comprehensive plan to acquire needed resources by establishing passionate and effective programs for annual giving, planned giving, Endowment growth giving, and Capital Campaign giving to ensure that our facilities are safe, efficient, ADA compliant, inviting, and have flexible use. Strategy #3 – Human Resources. Developing a plan for the right balance of paid staff and volunteers to support and grow St. Paul’s mission and ministry.

Can we do all this? The answer is, with God’s help and yours, “yes we can.” Will it be easy? A obvious “no” will suffice. It will take time, money, faith and prayer. The Vestry recognizes the special and unimagined challenges this plan presents in light of the unprecedented and uncertain times in which we are living. No one could have predicted the financial, physical and emotional upheaval, along side of the surprising opportunities for needed change, that this pandemic has evoked. No matter what the timing, any strategic plan is a risky endeavor, but without risk, there is no reward. We shared our anxieties and concerns about the plan openly and honestly, and will continue to do so— changing, modifying, and adapting as we navigate the road ahead. Your Vestry is in the driver’s seat, or at the helm of a ship, looking to go where God is calling us to go. We do not yet know the exact GPS coordinates. Jesus says, “follow me, for I am the way, the truth, and the life,” and we choose to follow. Let us work and pray together for the Holy Spirit’s guidance as we begin this journey.

You have chosen to be part of the life of St. Paul’s for many reasons: You feel a sense of God’s awesome presence and comfort, you are fed by the uplifting worship and beautiful music, you have a passion for new ministry, you want to serve others, you feel connected to others, and have made life long friends, you are lonely and seek a sense of connection, you want children and youth ministry to grow, you enjoy the delicious food and fellowship, you are edified by the Christian formation offerings, you are a seeker, you are committed to community outreach and service, you are dedicated to the work of racial healing, you want to work for justice and peace, you are struggling with your faith, you are firm in your faith, you have a heart for hospitality and generosity, you like the craziness of the Episcopal Church, your soul is stirred, and…. Think about why you have chosen to be part of St. Paul’s and why you want to invite others to be part of this branch of the Jesus Movement, and then give, work, pray, and have faith that even when the tectonic plates of what we know as church are shifting beneath us, we need not be afraid. As our patron Paul reminds us, “press on toward the goal for the prize of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus.” Keep the faith!


Ray Hanna

Don’t forget that are Lay Eucharistic Visitors are available to bring you Communion in safe outside locations on Sunday afternoons. If you want to receive Communion, please call the LEV geographically closest to you.