Thank You, Listening, Transfiguration

Aug 5, 2021 | Clergy Corner


Thank you 
I am still beaming from last Sunday.  Special thanks to all who made our first Sunday together so glorious.  My family and I are really enjoying the book of pictures and notes introducing us to each of you.

I have spent this past week listening and observing.   I intend to do a lot of this over the next little while.  There are many things to learn, people to get to know, and systems to understand.  This will take some time.  If you would like to meet, please do reach out.

At 12:10 on Friday in the Chapel, all are welcome to come and celebrate the Feast of the Transfiguration.  It will be my aim to celebrate the Feasts of our Lord, Apostles, and other Holy Days of the church year.   These celebrations will be advertised in advance.

Transfiguration is the revelation of one’s true self.  On top of the mountain Jesus reveals his true nature to Peter, James, and John.   Jesus’ true nature is fully human and fully divine, authenticated by God the Father, who says, “this is my son, the Chosen, listen to him.”

There is another time in the gospels where God says something similar.  At Jesus’ Baptism God says, “this is my Son, the beloved, in whom I am well pleased.” Nicholas Knisley, Bishop of Rhode Island, says, “What happens here is that Jesus stands revealed. It is as if a mask is taken away from his face, and the disciples are granted a vision of who he really is, as God the Father sees him and loves him.”

Transfiguration is the revelation of one’s true self.  If everything was stripped away, what would be revealed about us?  This may cause internal panic:  a moment or two of what my good friend calls “existential dread.”  However, we need not panic or go down a rabbit hole of our past transgressions.  Remember your baptism.  In baptism, you are beloved. You are sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked as Christ’s own forever.  When everything is stripped away, you are simply beloved.  In Christ’s life, death, and resurrection you are beloved.   Remember that.

See you Sunday,

Caleb +

P.S. I will still be wearing my mask in church.