Small Groups

Small groups at St. Paul's fulfill an important role in our mission and parish life. Parishioners gather during the week for enriching time of reading, reflection and prayer as they seek unity with God and neighbor.
Women at the Well Women's Reading Group

Women at the Well Women's Reading Group

3rd Monday of every month, 10 a.m.–Noon

To Get Involved, Contact Ellen Weig

Women at the Well is a reading group for all women at St. Paul’s. The grounding for our gatherings is first and foremost how we can deepen our spirituality as women of faith in community and as women of faith individually … and from that, how we can live out our faith in the greater communities around us.

We’re not a book club and reading the book is not a prerequisite. The book choices do, however, lend themselves to questions related to our lives and always launch discussions that go way beyond the original subject or topic of the book, so reading is certainly encouraged.

Meetings open with prayer and our concerns — silently or aloud — which centers us for the rest of the morning. The readings have allowed us the freedom and grace to let the Holy Spirit guide us as we put closure to each gathering and book, and plan for the next.

Early Bird Book Study

Early Bird Book Study

Tuesdays, 7:30–8:30 a.m., Zoom

To Get Involved, Contact Steve Martin

This group was formed to provide a spiritual group in community. Less about study, the purpose of this small group is to build trust and grow spiritually.

Group members take turns choosing a book to read and discuss at the meetings. Each meeting begins with a few moments of silence, followed by discussion. Members choose the book, which the group is responsible for reading.

This group is for anyone who is yearning to be in a circle of trust in order to explore their faith together.

Friday Men's Group

Friday Men's Group

7:45–8:45 a.m., Zoom

To Get Involved, Contact Royster Hedgepeth

This interfaith group of men meets for conversation, for Bible study, for reflection and for prayer. Meetings offer an opportunity for men to get together, and share their faith and experiences in life’s journey.

Meetings begin by sharing bagels, sweet rolls and coffee over conversation. After about 20 minutes, participants move to some form of Bible study discussion and reflection. Recent journeys include a guidebook for studying John; another, Titus.

The gathering concludes with requests for prayer and ends with the Lord’s Prayer.

If you are looking for, or think you might be looking for, a time of fellowship, camaraderie and faith, you are invited to join them and bring a friend.