Parish Life Ministry

Jul 8, 2021 | Ministry Updates

I’ve been asked by the Stewardship Committee to present a mid-year ministry update regarding Parish Life.  No doubt, when you think of parish life, you think “social”, certainly not social distancing.  But, if nothing else, St. Paul’s Parish Life team has proven that not even the restrictions of Covid could hold us back. 

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Suppers have been a part of St. Paul’s tradition for many years, and even though we didn’t have Jim Edwards flipping pancakes in the kitchen, we had Shrove Tuesday party packs available for pickup.  We provided the pancake mix, syrup, Mardi Gras masks, beads and balloons.  You just had to add the party.

We also collaborated with Christian Formation to provide Lent in a Box at home activities with objects such as seeds, stones, and sand around which devotions and prayers were centered during Lent.

St. Paul’s is known for its fine music program (thanks Richard and Ronnie) and also for our hospitality. My sources tell me that in the past few months, our reputation is quickly becoming the church of the party people.

It all started when we sponsored a farewell party for The Pierce Family at Waterman’s Brewery, as well as some parting gifts for each of the family.  Then, we honored Fr. Ray, our interim rector, with a catered picnic lunch and delicious cake at Long Leaf Park and now we are making preparations for yet another celebration to welcome Fr. Caleb Lee as our new rector, along with his wife, Allen, and their children: Cabe, Rhett and Izzy.

All of this has been made possible, not just by our small, yet faithful band of Parish Life team members who give so generously of their time to do what needs to be done, but many others who have helped with planning events, offered willing hands and shown up to share the love.

Party People?  Perhaps, but I prefer opportunity makers because your parish life ministry provides opportunities for all of us to share the love, to make connections, to build new relationships and strengthen old ones with each other and with God.

Teresa Singer