Leon Tillery

May 24, 2022 | Members Corner

I moved to Leland about 11 years ago in Preparation for retirement. Professionally, I have worked and taught students as a Certified Nurse Anesthetist practitioner for over 36 years. Shortly after moving, I started looking for a Wilmington church to call home. One Sunday morning, I set out to visit St. Mark, but I ended up at St. Pauls’ by divine intervention. The first time I entered the doors of St Paul’s, I felt a sense of welcome, peace, and sense of openness. I looked no further. And the rest is history.

I believe that as Christens, we must go against the current of life. In going against the current of life, it is essential that we not just hold this place as a unique space; we must actively and sincerely be conveners and servers. During these times of extreme political division, mass shootings, racial division, prejudice, homelessness, and injustice, we must continue striving to serve God and our neighbors as agents of reconciliation and transformation.

We live in a culture that values everything material and devalues that which cannot be seen or proven. As Christians, we must put the world in perspective and grow in understanding of the riches hidden in Christ, regardless of circumstances. Despite the trials we face, the sorrows we carry, and the pain we bear. Not because God’s exultant “today” is dismissive of our hardships, but because God’s presence infuses all things. God’s joy — the joy which is our strength — can hold and honor our tears within it.