Karen Day

Jan 19, 2022 | Members Corner

A transplant from New York, I found St. Paul’s via a chance conversation with Richard Rhoads my first week here, in June of 2017. No longer a new girl, I made nearly all of my Wilmington friendships and connections through our wonderful church–from serving on the Stewardship Team to becoming a Bellamy tour guide to partying on porches and patios with buddies I made through the pre-pandemic “small group” dinners St. Paul’s used to have.

I was a reference book publisher in Manhattan for 40 years, so it’s quite appropriate that I made my new home smack downtown on Front Street above the I Love New York pizza parlor. You usually see me in my church clothes, but this is the real me on the balcony. It delights me to no end when church friends see me up there or run into me and we have an improptu get-together.

Growing up overseas (nine countries in 18 years), I went to whatever Protestant church my parents could find in each country. But when my son was born, I made a conscious choice to become an Episcopalian. To see my 2-year-old enraptured at St. Bartholomew’s on Park Avenue moved me so! When he said “Alleluia” at the right time (but in the wrong season), I knew we were in our spiritual home, whether at Park and 50th or Market and 16th!
I am so grateful for the friendship you have offered and for the interesting service projects you have invited me to participate in. Call, text or holler if you’re walking by my balcony!