Join Livestreaming Team

Oct 25, 2021 | Uncategorized

Since early in the pandemic, St. Paul’s has been live streaming our
10:30 Sunday services, other special services, Taize as well as music
events, thanks to generous donations that allowed us to purchase our
streaming equipment and the dedication of our Stream Team – Keith
Calder, Bryce O’Dell, Cleve Callison and Bob Crafts.

Although we are now back to in-person worship, our live streaming
continues to play an important role in allowing those who cannot be with
us in person to participate remotely, as well as to expand our on-line

Live streaming is rewarding, fun, the view from the balcony is great and
we have refreshments!  So if you’re a bit jealous of this and you’re not
afraid of heights, there may be a spot for you on the Stream Team.  If
you use a computer and take videos with your phone you already have the
basics.  Ok, it is a bit more complicated than that, but if you’re
willing to learn then maybe this is for you. Curious? Tempting? Want to
see for yourself?  Let us know.  Contact Bob Crafts
and he’ll take care of the rest.