Janet and Gary Dillon

Apr 28, 2023 | Members Corner

We met over 50 years ago while working in a hospital in New York City. Janet was an X-ray technician and Gary was working summers while going to school in Boston. We stayed in touch while Gary vacationed in Southeast Asia, eventually marrying in the Episcopal Church that Janet attended in Connecticut. Gary’s work in healthcare management resulted in us living and/or working in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Arizona.

We have two sons, Kevin and Chad, both married and living in the Carolinas. When Gary retired 10 years ago, we moved to Wilmington after visiting probably every community identified as the “Best Place for Seniors to Live” in North and South Carolina.   Wilmington won.  We now have our forever home.  We can see our grandkids in Greensboro, or visit Chad and his wife in the greater Charleston area, within a couple of hours.

Gary and Janet served on several vestries in Arizona including Gary’s 3 1/2-year stint as senior warden at a Phoenix church without full-time clergy. We took the Episcopal Gypsy Tour in Wilmington and, encouraged by the vibrant music program, recognizable liturgy and warm welcome, finally did find the “Best” at St. Paul’s.

We have grown to appreciate and enjoy what is available around us: the weather, the culture, the nature and the friends we have made in church, in our neighborhood and through the Cape Fear Men’s Club and Coastal Carolina Women’s Club. Sometimes the best time is just walking the dog at the beach, or in the many parks and open spaces.

Gary (Demo Dillon) has been an active member of the Gentlemen of Noble Poverty. He occasionally works on church-coordinated projects with Habitat for Humanity. Every few weeks we serve as greeters for St. Paul’s, so make sure to say hello.