Help Local Homeless Families

Oct 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Family Promise unites communities of faith to assist local, homeless families by providing emergency housing and dinner meals, so these families can establish a sound financial base and move into their own homes.

St. Paul’s has supported Family Promise for many years. To continue this support, St. Paul’s needs a volunteer coordinator for 2022.

  • At first, because of the pandemic, volunteers will only be needed to provide dinner meals for two nights every three months.
  • In time, volunteers will serve as overnight hosts at the host church, Grace United Methodist Church, again for two nights every three months.

Please consider filling this role of volunteer coordinator so this tradition of support can continue. For more information please contact Steve Bucci at 910-833-8121, Kathy Richardson at 910-915-7888 or Nancy Bray at 910-616-9697.