Expanding Our Food Ministries

Mar 25, 2021 | Clergy Corner

The Blessing Box is here!  Thank you to Bill and Mary Farris for creating this and Ed Ablard for helping to install it.  Thank you to our Community Ministry team of Don Brainard, Pat Baker, Joe Farri, Merrilie Crafts, and Steve Bucci for shepherding this project along.  A big thanks to Tom Sramek who dug the hole for the post.  I also want to thank Teresa Singer, Ellen Weig, and members of the St. Agnes Guild for their interest and excitement around this ministry.


Now that the box is in place at the corner of 16th and Princess Streets all are invited and encouraged to donate a few items to the box as you are able.  Donations can be placed right inside the box.  In its first week on our property it has already generated a lot of interest.  For a list of suggested donations you can visit our website or click here.


This box will serve as a small outreach ministry of our church that will serve highly local needs.  Many in our congregation are involved in ministries around Wilmington that also work to alleviate hunger.  One prominent ministry is Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.  As we return to in person worship I also want to remind folks that besides the Blessing Box, you may also donate items to Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard by placing them in the red wagon which will either be in the narthex or in our parking lot during outdoor services.  Each of us are invited to give from the abundance we have been given to serve as we feel led, and in our own need, receive.  I give thanks for all of our ministries that seek to serve Christ in all persons in our corner of South Eastern North Carolina.


God’s Peace,