Building on the past…Believing in the future…

Apr 8, 2021 | Clergy Corner


Dear St. Paul’s Family,

Since St. Paul’s founding, our members have offered their hearts and hands in love to build the church we know today.  It is on this foundation that we are being called to vision the future of St. Paul’s and shape the church Christ longs for us to be. And although we have proven time and again that our church is not just a building, it is time for us to take a look at our facility and evaluate it in regards to function and visual appeal, safety and accessibility.  Because our buildings are tools that should support and promote the church’s vision and mission,  we are called to focus on what tools are needed to carry out our ministries in the best way possible.  No one knows those needs better than you.

Before we think about bricks and mortar, we need to be united in the direction of our ministries and what we hope to accomplish.  What is the church’s vision of its purpose and mission in response to the leading of the Holy Spirit?  You can help us reach a spiritual consensus in seeking God’s vision for our church by joining us for one of these Zoom input meetings:

April 20   5:30 pm.    Hospitality and Outreach

April 20   6:30 pm      Administration and Site

April 22    5:30 pm     Worship and Music

April 22    6:30 pm.    Christian Formation

On Wednesday, April 28, reports from each of the ministry areas will be presented during a Zoom meeting at 6:00 pm. Grason Hudson, principal architect from WKWW, will be a part of each of the Zoom meetings.  As we identify ministry needs that should be addressed with any proposed building solution, you can be assured that your voice will be heard.

Visit St. Paul’s website to make reservations via Eventbrite for one of the ministry area meetings, as well as the reporting meeting.  Even if you don’t make a reservation, you will find a link on the homepage of St. Paul’s website to access the Zoom meetings.

Be the light!

Teresa B. Singer

Senior Warden