A Place for Quiet Reflection

Apr 6, 2020 | Sacred Spaces

As I turn around from my desk, my sacred space has my prayer candle, labyrinth medallion from Grace Cathedral, St. Francis and the prayer attributed to him, and two books I lean on. My childhood Bible and a Book of Common Prayer and Hymnal are underneath. Labyrinth — a gateway — a path walked on a sunny day. Now a metaphor to enter and walk a spiritual path, A landscape of memories and long ago, A place to meet beloved souls long gone, And welcome each new day, A place of community in a place of solitude, Where the Spirit of God is understood As the spirit of creativity and creation. A journey of work that becomes service, Where energy is prayer and Prayer is a room in which to visit God, Where quiet reflection becomes new vision, And listening becomes obedience to God’s call.

— Ellen Weig