‘The Source’ Online Store is Open

Nov 23, 2020 | Announcements

Shop St. Paul’s The Source Gift Shop online catalog here

The Source Gift Shop has been a resource to the priests and members of St. Paul’s over many years.  The mission of The Source is to provide support to programs and improvements needed by the church as identified by the priest. Because of the generous parishioners of St. Paul’s, all revenue from sales goes directly back to the church to help fund programs such as scholarships to the choir, updating the library, the Backpack Buddies Program, etc.

For sale in The Source are religious books and items for prayerful guidance.  There are also festive seasonal gifts, jewelry and decor for the home. Some of our parishioners have made special items featuring the church through a selection of prints, cards, Christmas cards and ornaments, as well as protective masks.

Usually open each Sunday after the 10:30 service, The Source offers a wide variety of moderately priced items for sale to support our mission. The Source is closed according to Covid-19 mandates, but we will be offering items for sale through this webpage.

Please take a look at what we have for sale here and we will get any items you purchase to you in accordance with social distancing guidelines. 

Thank you for your support!