Thank you

May 20, 2021 | Clergy Corner

Dear St. Paul’s,

Laurie and I are deeply grateful for your care and generosity towards us and our family over these last three years. I want to make sure I say thank you especially for your most recent expression of generosity towards us with your many gifts, cards and the farewell party we shared the other evening at Waterman’s Brewing. A big thank you to Cecelia Peers and Teresa Singer for their time spent in organizing the event; it was a wonderful evening with so many from St. Paul’s and our time here in Wilmington. 
I said in my remarks that evening that I’m not sure Laurie and I know just how good we have had it here. You have embraced us from the beginning and welcomed our son Lucas into the community as we welcomed him into our family. We’ve been through transition together and shared so much in three years it is difficult to sum up just how meaningful my time with you has been to me; I know I will always carry St. Paul’s with me and the experience I have gained here throughout the rest of my ministry. 
Thank you for your generous spirits. My last day with you will be Sunday May 30th. I am looking forward to our picnic together this Sunday at Long Leaf Park. As always, I will continue to hold you in my prayers and ask that you continue to hold me and my family in yours.