St. Paul’s Neighbor to Neighbor Support

Jan 6, 2021 | Announcements

The pandemic is an extraordinary crisis. This should not be news to anyone. Businesses have closed and jobs have been lost. Many of our neighbors are suffering much more than you and I. They are having difficulty putting food on the table and, even with a new stimulus package, many face losing their homes with nowhere to go. Can you imagine how desperate they must feel? This is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE in Wilmington and New Hanover and Brunswick counties.

As Christians we are called to do the extraordinary thing. Serving and loving others as Christ himself loved us through his death and resurrection is central to our faith. Today’s multiple crises offer us a unique opportunity to learn, grow and reveal our capacity to love and serve others. How well we love others is a pure reflection of how well we know and love Christ. It is the way we express our thanks for what God has done for us. Our love and caring for others is shown best by how well we minister to them in their times of need.

We at St. Paul’s can have an extraordinary impact. If we could reach out and personally help the neediest people in our community, we would. We would do it hands-on. But with COVID-19 restrictions, it is nearly impossible at this time. So, let’s help the best way we can: Let’s open our hearts and offer our resources to help those who are in such urgent need. St. Paul’s people have a long history of supporting those in need by supporting organizations that MAKE AN IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCE in peoples’ lives. These organizations focus on the distribution of food and financial assistance to help MEET TODAY’S CHALLENGES of hunger, housing and other vital needs of daily living.

Now is the time to dig deeper and give more generously than ever! This special offering will enable Community Ministry to expand St. Paul’s outreach to our community by addressing the pressing needs of our neighbors. The offering will be divided equally among Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, Nourish NC and the Help Hub. In the coming weeks there will be more about what they do and their extraordinary accomplishments.

Gifts may be sent to St. Paul’s in the usual way, designated for “Neighbor to Neighbor.”

Pray for these organizations, for those they serve and a heart that doesn’t count the cost.