Search Committee Update

Jan 6, 2021 | Announcements


Happy new year to all St. Paul’s parishioners! We have exciting times ahead of us as we await news of applicants who are interested in leading St. Paul’s and guiding our journey.

Your search committee had a busy last few weeks of 2020. We completed the Parish Profile, which was approved by the Vestry at its December meeting. You can now read the profile on our website here. We also provided responses to a comprehensive battery of 67 questions posed by the Diocese that complement information in the Parish Profile but are concerned with personnel, operational and similar matters that a potential applicant would want to know.

Our position announcement is now up on three national Episcopal platforms. Applications will undergo an initial screening at the Diocese and those from candidates the Diocese deems solid will be sent to us as a group – probably by mid-February. 

With those applications in hand, the committee will ramp up again to review those applications and begin the winnowing and interviewing process. We will report back to you as we have additional progress to report.

Thank you for your prayers, your trust, and your faith that our parish can move ahead together in the Spirit to accomplish wonderful things!

Your search committee,

Bill Baker, Don Brainard, Jenny Callison, Joyce Connelly, Cecelia Peers, Teresa Singer, Rhonda Stroud, David Tousignant and Tom Trivett