Sacred Ground: A Race Dialogue Series

Jun 12, 2020 | Announcements

In recent months we have been made painfully aware of the need for the ongoing work of racial healing. If you have followed the recent events and found yourself asking “What can I do?” or “Where can I learn more about the underlying history fueling these protests?” or if you’ve always been passionate about this work “Sacred Ground” may be a next step on your journey. “Sacred Ground” is a 10-session discussion series created by the Episcopal Church.

You may find more information about this course by clicking here. The course is in-depth and utilizes documentaries and reading materials to help us reflect on the histories and forces that have shaped our stories; with this knowledge and awareness we can begin the work of healing.

This work by nature is best suited for small groups. At this time there is already one group of St. Paul’s members being led by the Rev. Adam Pierce and Ellen Weig ready to begin this work.

However, if you are interested in joining this discussion please contact Royster Hedgepeth at Royster is eager to begin a second dialogue group in order to broaden St. Paul’s reflection and impact in the area of racial healing. It is my prayer for all of us at St. Paul’s that this work will be a major part of what invites us to develop stronger character in ourselves and others, to endure to help others, and to make us a brighter beacon of hope in this world.