Passing Down Wisdom

Apr 14, 2021 | Diocesan and National

Growing up always has its challenges, but it is made easier when people realize they are not in it alone. In the Latino culture, fifteen is the age at which girls assume adult responsibilities and begin the transition toward becoming women.

This transition is celebrated with what is known as a Quinceañera, which begins with a Eucharist in many countries and ends with a reception or party. Spanish-Language Ministries have put together a project to allow women to share their wisdom and help girls prepare for their Quinceañera within our diocese and beyond.

To that end, we have created a website where women can share their wisdom and experience and where girls can learn and grow from it in preparation for their Quinceañera. Suppose you are interested in contributing your wisdom and understanding.

In that case, you may do so in English or Spanish in the knowledge that it will be translated and made available in both to be a blessing to girls preparing for their Quinceañeras.


To contribute, click here.