Journey Through East Carolina

Nov 9, 2020 | Diocesan and National

“Journey Through East Carolina” is an exciting and free opportunity for people around the Diocese of East Carolina and beyond to come together to MOVE, LEARN, PRAY and GIVE in new ways.

This virtual 281-mile challenge is for ALL ages and abilities! We invite everyone to walk, run, roll, ride, or row to join in on this experience through the Diocese of East Carolina!   Regardless of your participation level, we would love to know who is participating in this Journey. Please sign-up so that you are sure to receive the weekly emails.  

Click here to sign-up and join St. Paul’s team!

As we MOVE together, we will be physically transformed.

As we GIVE to our communities, our hearts will be opened.

As we LEARN about the communities in our diocese, our minds will be expanded.

As we PRAY together, our faith in God will grow.

To learn more, go the event website, here.