Because of the rapid spread and uncertainty of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, St. Paul’s is asking that you please wear a mask while inside the building. 

St. Paul’s Life Slideshow

Latest pictures include:

  • Christmas Eve
  • Greening of the church
  • EFM graduates
  • “Messiah” concert
  • Advent wreath-making for all ages
  • “Compline and Grillin’ Under the Stars” at Long Leaf Park
Annual Parish Meeting

Mark your calendars for the Annual Meeting on Sunday, Jan. 23, at 9 a.m. We will thank our outgoing vestry members as well as elect four new ones for a three-year term.  We will hear all about the good things happening at St. Paul’s and more about Fr. Lee’s vision for 2022 and beyond, as well as get a highly anticipated update from the Facilities Committee and our architect, Gray Hudson.  

The Vestry Nominating Committee, consisting of the outgoing members of the vestry, presents the following members of the parish to stand for election:  Bill Anlyan, Chip Carter, Ashley Eason and Anne O’Dell.  Any member of the parish may nominate additional qualified nominees, provided that the nomination is received by the Chair of the Nominating Committee (Joan Rosko Miller) at least two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.  Please see below for more detailed information about our nominees.


Sunday, January 23

  • 8 a.m. Holy Eucharist
  • 9 a.m. Annual Meeting*
  • 10:30 a.m. Choral Eucharist for the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul*
  • Festive Reception to Follow

*In the Church and Livestream

2022 Vestry Nominees

Bill Anlyan

Elaine and I have been members of St. Paul’s for over 10 years.  Both of us have been involved in many committees and events.  I have served on the vestry and as Senior Warden under Rev. Randy Green and Rev. Dena Whelan. St. Paul’s is our home spiritually. Our friendships with other parishioners run deep.  I would be honored to serve as a vestryman under the Rev. Caleb Lee.

Ashley Eason

My journey as a Christian started in 1979 at age 14 when my family became active members at All Saints Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia. I was rebaptized and confirmed at All Saints and participated in the YPSL (Young People’s Service League) for four years during high school. A decade later, God presented opportunities for me to share my faith with my children. At that time, I was a single parent and sought counsel from mentors like my Aunt Beth and godmother, Westley Byrne, both of whom urged me to take a deeper dive into my faith and listen to what God was calling me to become.

In Corvallis, Ore., I attended both the Presbyterian and Episcopal churches without seeking membership at either. I completed a program of study at Oregon State University’s Graduate School of Education, got remarried and focused my talents in the classroom working with at-risk youth and underserved populations for the next 13 years before moving back to the East Coast in 2014.

My husband David and I made Wilmington our home in 2018, and I have been a member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church since May of that year. Since then, I have worked as a substitute and full-time teacher/teaching assistant for the New Hanover County School District and feel especially called to stay connected to local youth in any capacity.

Currently, I am president of the Mary Veronica chapter of Daughters of the King. The discernment process (summer/autumn of 2019) was one of the most meaningful and centering experiences of my life. In December 2019, I was installed as a sister in that holy order and dedicated myself to daily prayer and service. I have also served St. Paul’s as follows:

  • Ormond Center committee (2018 – 2019)
  • Attended and assisted with monthly Taize services (spring 2018 – present)
  • Parish Life team (2019 – present), including during the peak months of isolation and quarantine of Covid 19 (spring/summer of 2020)
  • Co-chaired the 1st SPEC-sponsored community barbecue event to benefit the Cape Fear chapter of Habitat for Humanity
    (August 2019)
  • Strategic Planning Committee (August 2019 – April 2020)
  • Breakfast crew (fall 2021 – ongoing into 2022)

If it is God’s will, I would be honored to continue to serve St. Paul’s as a vestry member. The time, talents and treasure within our parish community (and beyond!) have limitless potential, and it enlivens my spirit to consider the ways we might grow in Christ together.

James P. (Chip) Carter, III

First let me say I am humbled to have been nominated for the St. Paul’s vestry. My wife Susan and I became Episcopalians on Easter Eve 1977 being confirmed at St. James in Greenville, SC. Since that time, we have worshiped and served at churches in Charlotte, Raleigh and now Wilmington. When we moved to this area, living in Leland we visited two Episcopal churches. There was no doubt that St. Paul’s was to be our new church home. The warmth and friendliness we found there could not be beat.

In the spring of 2015 the rector at the time, the Rev. Dena Whalen visited us in our home. Among other discussions, she shocked me by asking if she may put my name in nomination to the vestry to fill a vacancy. I was hesitant as we had been members for less than a year, but I finally agreed. At my first vestry meeting I was shocked again to be elected junior warden. It was a tough job. Immediately we were hit by breakdowns of 40% of our cooling capacity in a typical broiling Wilmington heat. But with the help of the Thursday Morning Group, now known as the “GNP”, and Southeastern Heating and Air we made it through. I served as junior warden for a year, and then served the balance of my 20-month term in Membership.

I serve as a lector, eucharistic minister, and eucharistic visitor, assist in the finance office when needed and with the GNP. Much like the 2015 “Great Air Conditioning Crisis,” we face a lot of hard work ahead of us. I am not one to sit back and watch others take it on, rather I prefer to jump in and contribute all I can.

St. Paul’s is definitely my church home. I love the church and the people and can only promise you that if elected I will do all I can to help achieve our mutual goals.

Anne O’Dell

After moving to Wilmington in late 2016 with my husband Roger and son Bryce, I discovered St. Paul’s in early 2017 and have worshiped here ever since. Raised in the Roman Catholic faith, I was received into the Episcopal Church in January 2020. I have been and continue to be involved with several ministries at St. Paul’s including:  Archives, Hospitality, Children’s Sunday School, Communications, Strategic Planning, Stewardship, Endowment Board and Education for Ministry. If elected, I look forward to joining the vestry and sharing my gifts and diverse professional experience for the benefit and betterment of St. Paul’s, our church family,
and our community. 

St. Paul’s Habitat Build Nears Completion


St. Paul’s has partnered with St. Andrews Covenant Presbyterian and Trinity United Methodist to build a Habitat House on 16th Street about a block and a half south from SPEC. The house is nearing completion, with a busy paint day the week before Christmas. We have worked Saturdays, with all three churches involved on any given Saturday.

Volunteers may still sign up to help to make the house ready for its new owner, who has worked so hard to build her new home. Here is the procedure: is the signup link. One must complete the form and send it to Habitat. Toward the bottom of the application there are a series of text boxes.  In the one labeled “Additional Information,” please enter the words “St. Pauls.”

Habitat should reply within 24 to 48 hours. In that reply there should be a link After entering email and password go the “Check Your Schedule” box. Go to the “Help Wanted” for a particular date. A list of people who have signed up will appear, but scroll down to the bottom where our three-church build is mentioned and click “Schedule Me.”

Instructors and other professionals will be present to teach anyone (all of us) on each task, so previous Habitat experience is NOT necessary. This is another great opportunity for community building not only  within SPEC’s members but with the two other churches which are located nearby.

Build Schedule

Sat., Oct. 23, was the first build day. Here is the remaining schedule, subject to weather and other possible delays:

Day Task Lunch Schedule
Week 15 (1/29) Landscaping
Week ?? Move In Ceremony *St. Paul’s

 *The days that mention St. Paul’s, are the days we are tasked to provide lunches for the crew, an aspect that has not been ironed out as yet.


Contact Don Brainard or Bob Belaustegui at info below with any questions.
Don Brainard

Bob Belaustegui
(248) 227-6254

Clergy Corner

Members’ Corner

Matt Langley

Matt Langley

Happy November! As a vestry member and  member of St. Paul’s since 2015,  it is my honor to be the...

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