Compline with Music Tuesday November 3

Oct 22, 2020 | Clergy Corner

On Election Day this year St. Paul’s would like to invite you to join a service of Compline at 6pm. This year has been difficult in many ways and this election cycle in particular has reinforced and deepened divisions across our nation and communities regardless of the candidates you support. Many are feeling anxious. Yet the Church is called to a different way, a way that affirms all as Children of God and a way that proclaims our unity in diversity as members of the Body of Christ. To that end we pray in order to remember that it is God who sustains our lives and it is God who makes all things possible; it is in God that we put our trust. So on this night I hope you will join with members of St. Paul’s in prayer.

The prayer of compline is traditionally used to close out the day by giving thanks to God for the day’s blessings and asking God to protect us during our sleep. For our purposes on Tuesday November 3rd the traditional elements will remain but we will also hold one another in prayer as well as our nation. The service will provide moments of silence, will include the singing of psalms by a quartet, and provide space for each of us to offer our own prayers for our nation, our loved ones, and ourselves.

If you would like to join us you have two options: First you may register on Eventbrite through our website or by clicking here; there will be 15 spots available. Second you may participate via our live stream (also accessed on our website). If you would like to submit a prayer to be read aloud during the service please submit prayer requests to Joan Rosko Miller, chair of our Pastoral Care team; her contact information can be found in our parish directory. All prayer requests will be held in confidence and we ask that no partisan politics be included within the prayers themselves. Any identifying information will be removed unless permission is given to include it.

In the weeks ahead, let us pray for the strength to continue to hold one another in love and let us come together on November 3rd to affirm our love of God and one another.

God’s Peace,