Administration and Building Support

Jul 14, 2021 | Ministry Updates

Our Gentleman of Noble Poverty team has accomplished much in the first six months of the year:

FEMA repairs in the gymnasium are complete, addressing flooding issues from hurricanes and including the installation of a French drain and sump pump discharge system and the installation of protective padding under the baskets. Coach Thomas started practicing again with male and female teams as of two weeks ago.

An irrigation system repair on the 16th Street and Princess parking lot was completed, including the repair and replacement of broken sprinkler heads, purging of the clogged filter system, and activating proper timing for discharge.

The Agnus Dei located above the altar had the power source relocated so that it can be lit at night.

In anticipation of Father Caleb Lee’s arrival, the rector’s study and the youth education and nursery areas have been cleaned, organized, and painted. Caleb and his family’s home will also have some painting completed the week of July 12.

Building and Grounds is under Tom Sramek and requests can be submitted to him for prioritization.

Now to the Facilities Committee:

As part of the Strategic Plan, a priority was to assess the building, looking at deficiencies and assets to determine a long-range plan for rehabilitation.  The object was to look at deferred maintenance, safety and accessibility, and to improve functionality of space. 

Since the beginning of the year there have been three stages: hiring an architect, information-gathering from parishioners, and planning work by the architect.

The committee conducted interviews with three architectural firms and the Vestry hired WKWW in March. Grason Hudson is the principal architect and is working with the facilities committee.

Four stakeholder input meetings were held in April by Zoom, covering Hospitality/Outreach, Administration/Site, Worship and Music, and Education/Christian Formation.  The architect provided a workbook of questions related to these topics that helped participants identify and come to consensus about our ministries’ work to help him understand our needs. The intent of the meetings was not to suggest any idea or solutions to issues, but rather to understand how we operate and what might ultimately work better – in essence, to dream.

Subsequently, a reporting meeting was held on April 28 by Zoom for people to hear from the committee members what was discussed at the stakeholder meetings.  Gray, the architect, was present at all the meetings.  He also met separately by Zoom with some members of the Gentlemen of Noble Poverty, who provided more detailed information about our infrastructure.  Ellen Weig, our archivist, provided many historical documents about the building, and this information was given to Gray in May.

Since that time Gray has come to the church to do measurements and is working on a preliminary document that the facilities committee will review in the next month or so.  Ultimately a planning report will be given to the Vestry that will look at square footage needs, have some preliminary ideas with sketches, and provide cost estimates for the Vestry to consider for future direction. 

Finally, let’s consider stewardship:

From the original strategic goal, the next step is a capital campaign to fund what the Rector and Vestry determine is the direction to be taken, which might include repairs, renovation, additions…nothing has been determined at this point.  It is exciting to think of the possibilities, and we truly have an architect who understands churches and has gotten to know our church literally – every inch of it – and will provide wonderful ideas for us to consider.

We have a gorgeous facility here, and the Gentlemen of Noble Poverty provide countless hours of behind-the-scenes volunteer work to keep things operational. As a church, we truly need and should appreciate their work.  If you see any of them, please tell them thank you.

The architect is going to be giving us exciting ideas for the Vestry to consider. The facilities committee and the Vestry will continue to communicate progress. Time, treasure, and talent truly describe the work of all the volunteers.

Thank you for your time and for your gifts that make this project possible.

Mona Clites